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Endnote style sheet of TATuP

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Instructions for authors

Authors are requested to observe the following instructions when preparing manuscripts for submission to TATuP.

Length of contributions
The maximum number of characters of a printed page in the journal "Technology Assessment - Theory and Practice" is 3,500 characters (without spaces). The length of a contribution depends on the section in which it appears. More detailed information is provided by the editorial office.

Abstract / introduction
Contributions under the main theme of an issue or in the sections TA-Konzepte und -Methoden (TA Concepts and Methods), Diskussionsforum (Discussion Forum) and TA-Projekte (TA Projects) should be preceded by a concise abstract, summarising the significant points of the paper. The abstract should not exceed 780 characters (without spaces).

Figures, graphs and tables
Figures and tables should be both embedded in the manuscript and supplied separately from the first version of the manuscript. All figures and tables should have a caption and source and must be numbered separately within the text. If created by the author, please use the phrase "Own compilation" to indicate the source.

Format: Tables should be supplied in Word, graphs in Excel and figures in Adobe Illustrator or PowerPoint format. Please contact the editorial office early if the material is only available in other formats. For reasons of page design and layout, the decision on the final size and location of the figures and tables in a contribution lies with the editorial team.

References / bibliography
Cited references are listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript. In the text the citation should appear in parentheses (e. g. Bauer, Schneider 2006); in the case of a direct quotation the page number has to be included (e. g. Maurer et al. 2007, p. 34). Citations in the reference list should be formatted according to the following examples:

Monographs: Wiegerling, K., 2011: Philosophie intelligenter Welten. Munich

Articles in journals: Fink, R.D.; Weyer, J., 2011: Autonome Technik als Herausforderung der soziologischen Handlungstheorie. In: Zeitschrift für Soziologie 40/2 (2011), p. 91-111

Chapters in books: Mehler, A., 2010: Artifizielle Interaktivität. Eine semiotische Betrachtung. In: Sutter, T.; Mehler, A. (eds.): Medienwandel als Wandel von Interaktionsformen. Heidelberg

Websites and online publications: iRobot Corporation, 2011: One Robot, Unlimited Possibilities. iRobot 510 PackBot. Bedford, MA; http://www.irobot.com/gi/filelibrary/pdfs/robots/iRobot_510_PackBot.pdf (download 30.3.11)

If the relevant section allows for providing contact details, the following information should be included:
Title, name and full address of the institution, including URL where applicable.
In the case of multiple authors, no more than two contact persons should be named. The contact persons can decide whether to publish their phone/fax number or e-mail address.