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The Observatoire des Sciences and des Techniques (OST), Paris

The Observatoire des Sciences and des Techniques (OST), Paris
Quelle: Nr. 4, 4. Jahrgang
Datum: Dezember 1995
Schwerpunktthema: Technologievorausschau und Technologiebeobachtung

The Observatoire des Sciences and des Techniques (OST), Paris

STs primary objective is to produce indicators on French science, technology and innovation activities. These indicators must assess the S&T system at both regional and national levels in their European and international contexts and provide a strategic approach for decision makers, pointing out its dynamics, strengths and weaknesses.

OST was created in 1990 as the result of an initiative from the French Ministry of Research. It has the status of a Groupement d'intérêt public (GIP), formed by thirteen institutions, including six ministries, six public research organisations and the National Association of Technical Research (ANRT). These institutions are each represented on OST's Board of Administration, which is responsible for OST's funding and staffing.

A Scientific Committee (Chairman, M. Michel Callon of the Centre de sociologie de l'innovation at the Ecole des mines de Paris) comprises nine French or overseas experts and advises OST on its work programme.
OST has eight permanent staff members with Rémi Barré as Director.

OSTs work programme consists of:

_ updating and improving the OST database which is composed of data from national inquiries on public research, industry, innovation and higher education, from OECD, EUROSTAT data, as well as scientific publications, patents, international trade data, OST processes this data in order to produce indicators on specific topics,

_ undertaking finalised research on methodology and on the functioning of the S&T system, in collaboration with academic and private institutions,

_ coordinating working groups on topics of common interest of its member institutions for harmonising data on research activities and results.

OST has the following publications and products:

_ the report "Science et technologie - indicateurs" is published every two years and presents the situation of science and technology in France, in comparison with Europe and the rest of the world,

_ the OST Newsletter - "La Lettre OST", produced every term presents indicators on specific subjects,

_ the "Cahiers de l'OST" provides information on studies focusing on methodology, indicators and science-technology-innovation policy.

OST also produces databases of indicators for the specific needs of its member institutions.

Finally, OST contributes to the debates on public research policy through the organisation of workshops and conferences.

(Source: OST Flyer)


Rémi Barré, Director
Observatoire des Sciences et des Techniques
93, rue de Vaugirard, F-75006 Paris
Tel.: +33 1 422230-30