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9th European Bioenergy Conference in Copenhagen

9th European Bioenergy Conference in Copenhagen
Quelle: Nr. 4, 4. Jahrgang
Datum: Dezember 1995

9th European Bioenergy Conference in Copenhage

Frederiksberg/Denmark, 24-27 June 1996 First Announcement and Call for Papers

The 9th European Bioenergy Conference, sponsored jointly by the European Commission and the Danish Energy Agency, will take place at Radisson SAS Falconer Center, Frederiksberg near Copenhagen from 24 to 27 June 1996. The welcome address includes the following wording:

Bioenergy is a growing business with vast possibilities. Modern utilization of biomass for power, heat and transport fuel is a recent innovation with numerous challenges and important business opportunities. Technologies are moving from research and development towards the market place and some are already commercially available.

The 9th European Bioenergy Conference in Copenhagen in 1996 aims at reviewing progress in technological development with a view to accelerating the deployment of bioenergy. It will provide a qualified meeting place for those involved and will address all actors in the field: manufacturers, agriculture and forestry, feedstock producers; end users including municipalities, utilities and the agro and forestry industries; researchers, developers, consultants, policymakers and the media.

For the European Commission, this Bioenergy Conference is an important event and the Directorate Generals XII of Science; Research and Development, XVII of Energy and VI of Agriculture participate as organisers together with the Danish authorities. The Conference will highlight technical and non-technical barriers and discuss topics on European Union policy issues, national energy policies and global perspectives.

The four day conference has plenary sessions with overviews of the main areas, panel discussions and poster displays. New to the conference is a parallel exhibition of equipment in order to underline the importance of industry participation.

The topics for the confernce sessions are:

1. Primary production of biomass.

2. Provision and production of solid biomass fuels.

3. Processes for decentralized heat and power production.

4. Processes for large, central power plants.

5. Processes for production of transportation fuels.

6. Market, economic and environmental aspects of bioenergy.

7. Policy measures to overcome non-technical barriers.

(Source: Conference flyer)

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