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International Conference on Technology Management: University/Industry/Government Collaboration (UniIG '96)

International Conference on Technology Management: University/Industry/Government Collaboration (UniIG '96)
Quelle: Nr. 4, 4. Jahrgang
Datum: Dezember 1995

International Conference on Technology Management: University/Industry/Government Collaboration (UniIG '96)

Istanbul/Turkey, 24 - 26 June 1996

This event is scheduled for the 24th to the 26th of June, 1996. It is organised by Bogazici University, UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics within the framework of the UNESCO UNISPAR (University-Industry-Science Partnership) Program.

Objectives and Theme

The changing global economy and the changing norms of scientific research are strengthening the University/Industry/Government (UniG) cooperative ventures. The strategic planning in R&D environment is of vital importance and requires the seeking of opportunities and technology forecasting. The understanding of different modalities of cooperation between universities and industry and the role of governments in promoting this cooperation is therefore essential for the policy-makers who desire to maintain a grasp of emerging technologies. The main objective of this conference is to explore the means and instruments to establish effective and lasting University/Industry/Government collaboration and to present case studies in this respect. The barriers that may hinder such a fruitful collaboration will also be deliberated upon. The results of the conference will be reported at the World Congress of Engineering Educators and Industry Leaders to be held in Paris on 2-5 July 1996.

Scope of the Conference

The scope of the conference will include - but not be limited to - the following:

_ Development and management of institutions such as industrial parks, high-tech corridors and incubators

_ R&D incentives and technology transfer mechanisms for small and medium sized firms

_ Entrepreneurship and financial instruments

_ Transfer and diffusion of technology

_ Technology pirating and patent rights

_ Development of legal and procedural frameworks

_ Development of tools and methodologies

_ Development of R&D consortia

_ Development of educational programs

_ Management of innovation

_ Management of technological systems

_ Multinational management of technology

_ Management of engineers and scientists

_ Management of projects

_ Environmentally sound technologies.

Abstracts are due by 5 January 1996.

(Source: Draft Conference Announcement)

Address for correspondence and further information

Bogaziçi University
UNESCO Chair on Mechatronics
Bebek 80815, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel.: +90 (212) 287-2475