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TATuP - Journal by ITAS on Technology Assessment


"Technology Assessment – Theory and Practice" (TATuP) is the scientific journal which is published by the "Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis" (ITAS) since 1992. The issues are published open access. The articles concerning the main focus are revised by scientists working in this area. TATuP is published in a print version as well as online.



Issue 1/2014 of the ITAS journal "Technology Assessment – Theory and Practice" (TATuP) has been published [30.04.2014]

Zeitschrift TATuP 1/2014

Traffic futures – visions beyond current public attention is the central theme of the current issue. What transport systems are conceivable in the future in order to meet the mobility needs of a modern society? What are the main technological innovations and what consequences could their development bring about? The articles in this issue present possible development options and discuss visions of future transport systems which are currently not the focus of public attention, although they might bear enormous potential to change the current transport system and the related social routines. These transport systems include, for example, helicopters for private transport (myCopter), CargoCap (a transportation alternative for underground freight transport in urban agglomerations) or cable cars. Other articles discuss how public transport can be made more flexible, how visions of the future of autonomous driving as presented in movies can be made useful for prospective analyses, and in how far autonomous driving finds acceptance.

The Discussion Forum raises the issue whether assistance and care systems tend to relieve or to incapacitate those concerned (Klaus Wiegerling).

Besides the presentation of three TA projects (ecosystems and their performance for economy and society; epigenetics and TA; more sustainable technologies for sustainable development) the issue also contains, as usual, reviews and a number of conference reports as well as news from ITAS , TAB, STOA , and the network TA (NTA).

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